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Full Spot Made in Italy


The genesis of the Fullstop Store began at the start of 2014: After a 30-year career in buying and managing museum stores, I felt the urge to create a store of my own. But what would I sell? I was used to selecting products that demonstrated taste, quality, and uniqueness, and I wanted to demonstrate those same values in the products I selected for my own store. And then, by pure happenstance, I stumbled on to the Fullspot line.

In June of 2014, my wife, Nina, went to Italy, and among her many finds were some charming floral bracelets she had picked up in Venice. Immediately upon returning home, she realized that she should have bought more – for both herself, and to give to her friends – and she went online to find a store that sold them. What she found was that the closest Fullspot store was in London, England (a bit of a drive from Cleveland, USA). But as we reviewed the products Fullspot offered, we realized that we LOVED these items! We also realized that these were exactly the sort of products I had been looking for: Fun, fashionable, and totally original. My “spidey”-sense tingled, and I knew this was the right line. And my timing couldn’t have been better: Although Fullspot had been available in Europe since 2009, they were only just being brought into the U.S. in July of 2014 – exactly when I had discovered them.

And so, the Fullstop Store was born: Primarily a showplace for the Fullspot line, but also an emporium for other inimitable items.

FullstopStore.com is an officially U.S.-based online Fullspot store. We sell all the Fullspot products currently available in the United States: the complete range of Fullspot Italian-designed O clock watches, Fullspot O bags ranges, Flower Bracelets and more, and we are licensed to ship anywhere within the United States! I truly believe that Fashion is Self-Expression, and I think, as you review Fullspot’s products, you’ll agree that what makes them so special is not just that they look good, but that it allows you to be your own designer, creating a bag, purse, or watch that reflects your own, individual style. As for the “Fullspot Story,” you can read that below.

I look forward to offering you new and exciting selections in the months and years to come.

Best Regards,
Bill Wort
Owner, The Fullstop Store

Fullstop STORY

Fullspot was first established in Italy in 2009 by a vibrant and experienced group of extraordinarily innovative individuals who sought to create something that was new, now, and quirky. Through the bringing together of the founders’ diverse experience of design and fashion the O clock watch was born; the first in a series of products characterized by clean minimalist design in fun and playful colors. The perfect marriage of form and function, typified by the O clock, explains its cult following amongst those appreciative of products which fuse practical function and aesthetic value. The creativity and inspired design of Fullspot products means that finishing touches are applied by the customer who can customize according to their outfit, preference, or mood on the day. It is the Fullspot customer who therefore develops their own look to stand out from the crowd.

Fullspot aims to give its customers greater freedom to express themselves sartorially and to accessorize in a distinctive and constantly changing way. Fullspot caters to a young and dynamic clientèle who look for individuality and character in their accessories - where many only see utility as important.

O clock was the first product line to be launched - watches that had practical, functional, and aesthetic value. The second line was the versatile O bag - soft, tactile and waterproof with interchangeable parts. Fullspot then went on to produce further styles of handbags and shoulder bags, more colors and accessories, and continues to add to their collections with new, and vibrant products, like the colorful Flower Bracelets, introduced in 2014.

What will the future bring? Stay tuned…